1 aprile 2015

“WHAT DO YOU DO FOR LIVING? ” ” I have fun!”

uomo sorriso

I stole the title from a friend, with whom I recently had a long talk, during which he told me this story, that is what is the best way to answer to those that ask that question. The interesting thing is that he’s part of that category of lucky people that was almost completely wiped out the existence to which he was accustomed during the overwhelming period 2011-2012. Relying on its own strength he rebuilt a life ten thousand kilometres from here, but even more interesting is that this possibility derived from having completely changed his perspective, beginning to consider what others might consider a “disaster” as a great opportunity and fortune.

Leaving the “comfort zone” is not easy for anyone, it is certain that this extraordinary Era has thrown many out of the comfortable nest of habits and, especially, repeated patterns inherited from their parents.

Having to rebuild his life, like for many others, the smartest thing to do is definitely to take your passion and make it your own job. What we have not done when we were young, because we were retracing our parent’s steps, can now be the chance to BECOME WHO WE REALLY ARE, rather than continuing to hide behind the pile of masks we had to wear to adapt to a life that was not how we anted it to be.

Much more must be accomplished and achieved, and when the Awareness Era says: “Yes, you’re eligible to be Awakened! “, as if it was just like having the most universal and galactic X -FACTOR so far aired! The beauty is that, when you lose everything, you discover that what remains is the most important thing!

That “nothing” from which to start again is anything but worthless , but it’s YOU! That life you were forced to give up is revealed itself for what it really was: a cage in which you were a prisoner, a tomb in which you were buried, such a total elimination of your Being as you knew it that now, in it’s total disintegration, you pick it up, put it back together, let go of what you do not like, and you just keep what little, for You, really matters.

The extraordinary luck to have lost assurance and security is exactly this: one of the ways that you can gain Liberty, the real one.

Freedom of not having a safe place, a steady job, a native town, a favorite city, but feel comfortable anywher, in the midst of all kinds of people, in places thousands of miles from each other and, wherever go, you know you can feel at home. Your home is Yourself, and will always be with you; Your country is the whole world. Your temple is the sky; the sun, moon and stars are as close as it gets to Divinity that You can imagine and you can feel close to them anywhere.

The Freedom of not being confined to a physical body, but to feel the lure of other worlds , other lifes, places you’ve never visited but that attract you like magnets in order connect you to what you have been centuries ago and in past lifes .

The Freedom to be an atom wandering in the infinite space between planets and bright stars; Freedom to feel the breath of the Universe that that “vibes” with yours, your heartbeat that resonates with the rhythm of the Whole to which you belong .

Many times you died and was born again; you played endless characters; endless stories have happened in your past .

And you know it’s all a game, it’s just that the Whole (as told by an ancient oriental saying) “God child is playing with the fingers of his little feet”. There is nothing to take too seriously, just give up and decide to play, participate in the adventure, accept being the atom that is fed and cared for by the mere fact that it is an infinitesimal part of ‘ Infinite ‘.


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